Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Update from a Big Girl!

So much to tell everybody! First Ceci spent days ignoring me and playing in the kitchen. DAYS. Then she left me home alone for the longest time EVER. I was so happy to see her when she came home! But then she put me in my house which always means we are going on an adventure!

She took me to Grandma and Captain's house! I love them! They are always so happy to see me and play with me and they always give me treats! But, Roux lives there and I'm still mad at her for attacking me. Ceci tricked me into playing with Roux. At first I was scared, but Roux was really nice and Ceci sat on the floor with us to keep a really close eye so I knew I was safe. After about an hour, Roux and I were BFFs again. We played all night while the humans watched the Oscars.

Oh! I got the best treats ever from Captain! Captain made them himself in his kitchen! They are SOOOO good. Ceci said not to tell anyone that she took a bite of one, but I'm mad at her (I'll get to that in a minute) so there!

I am getting SOOO big! Look! It might be hard to tell, but the picture on the left is the first day I came home. If you look really close you can see my back leg above the pink dolphin. I didn't take up much room in Lestat's carrier at all!

The picture on the right is just a couple days old. I take up ALL of the carrier now!

Also, you should know my new favorite thing in the world is frozen baby carrots! Ceci puts them in the freezer for me and they feel so good on my sharp little teeth and gums. I get so excited when she gives me one! Also, Ceci gave a me a step stool so I can get up on the couch all by myself! She's annoyed because she knows I'm big enough to jump up by myself, but I won't. She's not the only one in this house that does what she wants.

Ceci took me to Petsmart today and I was a good girl! I don't really understand the whole leash thing, but whatever. I was still good so Ceci bought me a pretty heart with my name and phone number on it for my collar. I look so pretty!

When we got home, I had dinner and was ready to play. Ceci played with me for a while, then her computer beeped at her and she had to go talk to it. I jumped up on the couch behind her and bit her hair. Deee-licious! She said NO! I bit her again. She clapped her hands and said NOO again. I bit her AGAIN, this time I put my claws on her head, too! She banged something on the table and said NOOO and turned around to talk to me. I bit and clawed her hand! Best game ever! But, then she made a different scream, grabbed her hand and popped me on my butt! My first spanking! I don't think Ceci understands the rules because THAT IS NOT HOW WE PLAY THE BITE CECI GAME! Rude!

She showed me her hand and there was some red stuff leaking out of it. Eww! I still don't know why she spanked me. All I was doing was playing with her. I mean, what the heck does NO mean? And the loud clapping and banging used to scare me and end the game, but not anymore. Sometimes she plays hide and seek with me when I bite her. She goes away for a while and I cry for a minute and then she finally comes back and I get to bite her again. So much fun!

It didn't even hurt. I just went away because I didn't want her to get that gross red goo on me. She's so rude.

Ok, I'm going to go destroy something in an act of revenge! Oh, maybe the new lamp! Goodnight!


  1. Auggie----You are getting big!

    I'm sorry Ceci doesn't understand your game. Give her time.

  2. Auggie, you must have a secret liaison with a fraternity of parental units.... this is great payback for all the misdeeds enacted by your master (mistress) in her own "puppihood".

    Do be careful about the electric cords, though!

  3. im lost, is the dog talking or you lol