Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bites, Jumps, and Faints

It's been a very exciting couple of days. Sunday was the Superbowl, and Ceci dropped me off at her parents house because she said she had to go to the airport to pick up Gaki & Papa. No one was home when we got there, so I had to go in Roux's house. I wasn't in there too long before Grandma, Captain, and Aunt Rhonda came home and fed me! I was so excited to see them and to finally get to play with Roux! After my dinner, I went to find Roux in the kitchen and she bit me!

I was so scared! I thought Roux was my best friend! Why would she bite me? I screamed and cried for Ceci, but she wasn't there! I tried to hide but Captain was yelling at Roux and dragging her into her house and that was scary, too. Aunt Rhonda wanted to help but I wanted Ceci so I kept screaming. Grandma finally picked me up and checked my little body for "ouchies". I didn't have any but I was still scared.

Ceci finally came back, but Gaki & Papa weren't with her. She wasn't happy. I sat in her lap and licked her while we watched the Superbowl. I learned a bunch of new words! Captain went and got Gaki and Papa. Papa's got the best tasting shoes I've ever licked. Gaki's shoes have something she calls "bling" on them. It's fun to bite, but she doesn't like for me to do that.

I also got my very first bath this week. I'm not sure how I feel about all that yet.

Ceci woke me up last night because I had an accident in my sleep. I didn't even know I did! We spent a loooong time on google and she thinks I'm ok, but I might get to go see someone named Vet if it happens again or if I stop playing.

I'm getting bigger! Everyone says so. Ceci says my teeth are growing bigger and sharper everyday. That must be why they hurt all the time. If I chew on something they feel better. I have lots of toys to chew on, but pretty much anything makes a good chew toy. Any part of Ceci, the table, the couch, pillows, blankets, leaves, sticks. Anything!

I thought because I was bigger I could do things I couldn't do before, but not yet. I just get so mad that I can't jump on the couch by myself. Ceci will help me up if I stand with my front paws on it. But I want to do it myself! Sometimes I try to run and jump, but I just fall down. Ceci says she's not laughing at me, but I think she is.

Ceci fell down today and I didn't laugh at her. She was kinda wet, so I tried to help by licking her dry like I do to her legs when she gets out of the shower. But she didn't just take a shower. And I don't think I helped because she just went to sleep instead. So, I just lay down with her in the hall until she woke up again. But then she just fed me lunch and went back to bed. I think she was sick because she made the same soft noises I make when I'm not happy. She also said some of the words I learned when we watched the Superbowl.

She's awake now and looks better, we even played for a little bit! Which is good, because if she didn't I think she would have to go to see Vet, too.

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  1. Oh the Traumas of being a puppy! Very well written Auggie!! I can tell you are a budding literary genius, like John Steinbark, Paw Paw Hemmingway, Bark Twain, J. K. Growling, Bill Shakespaw and Geoffrey Chaser. Don't let your mommy repress your talents by pushing you away from the keyboard all the time!!!

    When Bad Cousin Roux scared you and you yelped so loudly, I picked you up and gently but firmly cradled you to my chest... you responded so well to being comforted and ceased your anguished cries immediately. We still checked you for injuries, thankfully finding none. I'm sorry Roux was mean to you. One day when you are older, you can kick her butt for retaliation!