Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh! The Things I Will Chew!

You're looking away
You're off to to pee
I'm chewing away!

You have a good head
And a heart in your chest
And I love you so much,
You are the best!

You tell me you love me
You tell me I'm cute
You kiss my soft nose
and my speckled-ey foots.

But what you don't know,
Oh! How could you know?
On everything you own
I. Will. Chow.

To the bathroom-
You try to go alone
Mommy, there is no where
I won't roam.
You may say no
And please don't go
But, by your feet I feel at home

And when you sleep
I'm at my best
On your feet
Or on your chest

But when you leave
or when you shower
Everything you own
I shall devour.