Friday, January 30, 2009

Best Morning Ever!

This has been the very best morning! Ceci was so happy when I woke her up at 8am, she took me outside and I did my business. Even though I woke her up on our bed and she knows I can't get up there by myself, she still double checked all the carpet to make sure I didn't somehow get down and make a "NOOOO!" on the carpet overnight. I didn't! And Ceci was so happy!

Then, while she was making coffee she left the door open so I could run inside and outside and play! She doesn't like to play until after she has her coffee, it smells good but she won't let me have any. There's a lot of things that are good that she won't let me have. Like last night when she took me to go play with my best friend Roux and I found a magic tunnel! It's a long, dark tunnel with the best food I've ever had in the world at the end it! It's so good that Ceci and Grandma don't want me to eat it and Lestat gets really annoyed when I do. I think I ate too much of it, because I got a little sick last night. Good thing Ceci heard me coughing and carried me outside so I didn't make a "NOOOO!" on the carpet.

I also wanted to share a couple of the MANY pictures and videos that Ceci is always taking of me. She even does it when I'm sleeping. She's a weirdo.

This is me on my first day at Ceci's house. She got in a really loud white box and I thought she needed my help, so I came to rescue her. I got all wet!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home Alone!

Ceci left me home alone for my first time the other day, she put all my toys and a blanket in her bathroom and I cried and cried but she still left me! And I'm a really good crier, I'm very loud and very sad. I can tell she doesn't like it when I do it.

I was scared and lonely, but when she came back she had five new toys for me and some puppy sized treats! So, it was ok, I guess. We sat down and had a talk. She says that there are going to be times that she leaves our house and can't take me with her, so I will have to get used to it... She also says the bathroom lockdown is temporary. When it gets warmer I can stay in my backyard or the garage until I learn how to only pee-pee outside. Sometimes I remember to ask her to let me out, but sometimes I forget and make a "NOOOOOO!" on the carpet.

Ceci is silly. She pets me and plays with me, but doesn't want me to lick or nibble on her. That's my favorite thing to do! She also calls me weird things like "Butt" or "Little Butt", "Munchkin", "Pokey Little Puppy". It's all so confusing.

Oh, did you know I have a famous name? Apparently, there's a Hannah Barberra character named Auggie Doggie. She tells me that I'm named after Augustus McCrae, not a cartoon.

Oh, we were in the back yard playing yesterday and the dog next door was talking trash to me through the fence, so I barked back at him. Ceci was so excited to hear me bark for the first time. She says not to worry, my little bark will sound more menacing when I get bigger. Well, that's all for now. We have to get ready to go play with Roux!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi, Everybody!

Ceci was telling me how awesome her blog is, so I thought I'd get my own.

I guess I should introduce myself:

My name is Augustus, I'm about nine weeks old. I was found with my brother and sisters next to a dumpster when we were very, very young. I was rescued and taken to Zeke's Fund, and bottle fed until I was healthy enough to be offered up for adoption.

I don't remember my parents, but the nice people that rescued me think I'm part Australian Shepard. We'll know
for sure when I get bigger.

On January 24, 2009 a nice lady took me home. Her name is Ceci. She's the best. She promises to never dress me up in silly costumes or to make me call her "Mommy". She says we don't roll like that. Whatever that means.

We live in a big house with nice white carpets (for now) and a huge backyard that I love to play in. My little teeth are hurting me, so I like to chew on anything that will fit in my mouth... and some things that don't. Playing is hard work, so I spend about 90% of my day napping.

Sometimes if I've been good, we get to go play with my best friends Roux and Lestat. Roux has lots of fun toys, sometimes she shares. Roux and Lestat live with my two other favorite people: "Grammy" (she wants me to call her that) and "Captain" (I don't know what to call him yet, but something tells me he doesn't want to be called "Grandpa" or "Gramps"). Ceci tells me I have lots of other friends: Oscar, Ninja, Tucker, Lucy, Molly and Hannah. I can't wait to meet them all!

OK, I've got to go nap again. I hope you like my blog!