Friday, January 30, 2009

Best Morning Ever!

This has been the very best morning! Ceci was so happy when I woke her up at 8am, she took me outside and I did my business. Even though I woke her up on our bed and she knows I can't get up there by myself, she still double checked all the carpet to make sure I didn't somehow get down and make a "NOOOO!" on the carpet overnight. I didn't! And Ceci was so happy!

Then, while she was making coffee she left the door open so I could run inside and outside and play! She doesn't like to play until after she has her coffee, it smells good but she won't let me have any. There's a lot of things that are good that she won't let me have. Like last night when she took me to go play with my best friend Roux and I found a magic tunnel! It's a long, dark tunnel with the best food I've ever had in the world at the end it! It's so good that Ceci and Grandma don't want me to eat it and Lestat gets really annoyed when I do. I think I ate too much of it, because I got a little sick last night. Good thing Ceci heard me coughing and carried me outside so I didn't make a "NOOOO!" on the carpet.

I also wanted to share a couple of the MANY pictures and videos that Ceci is always taking of me. She even does it when I'm sleeping. She's a weirdo.

This is me on my first day at Ceci's house. She got in a really loud white box and I thought she needed my help, so I came to rescue her. I got all wet!

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  1. Actually Auggie, when your Ceci was an infant she slept with her arms outstretched above her like that... often with her fingers spread out... it was quite bizarre looking.
    But look how cute she turned out.