Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rub a Dub Dub

I've got a pretty good life. I get to run and play and sleep whenever I want. Ceci almost always leaves the back door open so I can run inside and outside whenever I want! And I've been such a good girl! I never get yelled at unless I bite Ceci too much. But the worst thing EVER is bath time.

Bath time is when you have to get in a big white bowl that's all wet and loud. Ceci gets in first then she comes back later for me. I got lots of petting but it doesn't make it better. Today I figured out how to jump out of the big white bowl. Ceci didn't like that. The third time, she was REALLY mad. I made a big wet mess in the bathroom!

When we were finally done Ceci was wrapping me in my towel and I escaped! I ran in two circles through the house then I saw the back door was open! Ceci almost caught me, but I made it outside. She finally caught me before I could roll around and dry of in the grass and made me go back in and dry off with a towel. I don't know why I had to wear a towel because she wasn't wearing one. Even when we went outside!

I'm going to try to never get stinky again so I never have to have bath time ever again!

1 comment:

  1. Auggie, you are one smart little puppy getting out of that big white bowl like that! I'm also glad you chose the back yard to run around, as it doesn't sound like Ceci was dressed for public display!
    I hope you get to loving the tub... it can be so much fun! (And people will love to cuddle and pet you when you are all clean and peopley smelling!