Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh! The Things I Will Chew!

You're looking away
You're off to to pee
I'm chewing away!

You have a good head
And a heart in your chest
And I love you so much,
You are the best!

You tell me you love me
You tell me I'm cute
You kiss my soft nose
and my speckled-ey foots.

But what you don't know,
Oh! How could you know?
On everything you own
I. Will. Chow.

To the bathroom-
You try to go alone
Mommy, there is no where
I won't roam.
You may say no
And please don't go
But, by your feet I feel at home

And when you sleep
I'm at my best
On your feet
Or on your chest

But when you leave
or when you shower
Everything you own
I shall devour.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Update from a Big Girl!

So much to tell everybody! First Ceci spent days ignoring me and playing in the kitchen. DAYS. Then she left me home alone for the longest time EVER. I was so happy to see her when she came home! But then she put me in my house which always means we are going on an adventure!

She took me to Grandma and Captain's house! I love them! They are always so happy to see me and play with me and they always give me treats! But, Roux lives there and I'm still mad at her for attacking me. Ceci tricked me into playing with Roux. At first I was scared, but Roux was really nice and Ceci sat on the floor with us to keep a really close eye so I knew I was safe. After about an hour, Roux and I were BFFs again. We played all night while the humans watched the Oscars.

Oh! I got the best treats ever from Captain! Captain made them himself in his kitchen! They are SOOOO good. Ceci said not to tell anyone that she took a bite of one, but I'm mad at her (I'll get to that in a minute) so there!

I am getting SOOO big! Look! It might be hard to tell, but the picture on the left is the first day I came home. If you look really close you can see my back leg above the pink dolphin. I didn't take up much room in Lestat's carrier at all!

The picture on the right is just a couple days old. I take up ALL of the carrier now!

Also, you should know my new favorite thing in the world is frozen baby carrots! Ceci puts them in the freezer for me and they feel so good on my sharp little teeth and gums. I get so excited when she gives me one! Also, Ceci gave a me a step stool so I can get up on the couch all by myself! She's annoyed because she knows I'm big enough to jump up by myself, but I won't. She's not the only one in this house that does what she wants.

Ceci took me to Petsmart today and I was a good girl! I don't really understand the whole leash thing, but whatever. I was still good so Ceci bought me a pretty heart with my name and phone number on it for my collar. I look so pretty!

When we got home, I had dinner and was ready to play. Ceci played with me for a while, then her computer beeped at her and she had to go talk to it. I jumped up on the couch behind her and bit her hair. Deee-licious! She said NO! I bit her again. She clapped her hands and said NOO again. I bit her AGAIN, this time I put my claws on her head, too! She banged something on the table and said NOOO and turned around to talk to me. I bit and clawed her hand! Best game ever! But, then she made a different scream, grabbed her hand and popped me on my butt! My first spanking! I don't think Ceci understands the rules because THAT IS NOT HOW WE PLAY THE BITE CECI GAME! Rude!

She showed me her hand and there was some red stuff leaking out of it. Eww! I still don't know why she spanked me. All I was doing was playing with her. I mean, what the heck does NO mean? And the loud clapping and banging used to scare me and end the game, but not anymore. Sometimes she plays hide and seek with me when I bite her. She goes away for a while and I cry for a minute and then she finally comes back and I get to bite her again. So much fun!

It didn't even hurt. I just went away because I didn't want her to get that gross red goo on me. She's so rude.

Ok, I'm going to go destroy something in an act of revenge! Oh, maybe the new lamp! Goodnight!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Auggie Doggie Daaawwwg!

Ceci just called me "Stinky McPinkbelly". She's so weird! That is not my name! My name is Auggie when I'm good and Augustus when she's not happy.

I forgot to tell everyone that I met my friend Lucy last week. She lives with a cool guy named John Mack. They are so nice! Lucy shared her dinner with me! My tummy got so big that night!

Lucy is 112 years old! (That's 16 to you humans) She's so smart, she knows much more about things than any dog I know. I'm not saying Roux is dumb, but all she does is talk about Be Ay El Els. Whatever that is.

When Lucy and I were getting to know each other better by sniffing each others tail holes she said I didn't have a dirty lipstick. Lucy said that's what boy dogs have. I told her I'm a girl! Duh! And you know what Lucy told me? Auggie Earl is a boy's name! I was so mad and confused! I didn't think Ceci would do something mean to me. But she does keep trying to make me play with Roux even though she's scary so maybe she is mean!

Ceci and I sat down and had a long talk. She told me about the two men I was named after: Augustus McCrae and Robert Earl Keen. I remember dancy-dancing to Robert Earl Keen on my first day at Ceci's house. I like him! And Augustus McCrae sounds like a really cool guy, too. So, we're cool now.

My teeth hurt really bad and Ceci is being a meanie head and won't let me chew on her. I have to go find my green squeaky thing. Bye-bye!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rub a Dub Dub

I've got a pretty good life. I get to run and play and sleep whenever I want. Ceci almost always leaves the back door open so I can run inside and outside whenever I want! And I've been such a good girl! I never get yelled at unless I bite Ceci too much. But the worst thing EVER is bath time.

Bath time is when you have to get in a big white bowl that's all wet and loud. Ceci gets in first then she comes back later for me. I got lots of petting but it doesn't make it better. Today I figured out how to jump out of the big white bowl. Ceci didn't like that. The third time, she was REALLY mad. I made a big wet mess in the bathroom!

When we were finally done Ceci was wrapping me in my towel and I escaped! I ran in two circles through the house then I saw the back door was open! Ceci almost caught me, but I made it outside. She finally caught me before I could roll around and dry of in the grass and made me go back in and dry off with a towel. I don't know why I had to wear a towel because she wasn't wearing one. Even when we went outside!

I'm going to try to never get stinky again so I never have to have bath time ever again!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Puppy!

I know why Ceci always keeps her bedroom door closed, she's hiding another puppy in there!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bites, Jumps, and Faints

It's been a very exciting couple of days. Sunday was the Superbowl, and Ceci dropped me off at her parents house because she said she had to go to the airport to pick up Gaki & Papa. No one was home when we got there, so I had to go in Roux's house. I wasn't in there too long before Grandma, Captain, and Aunt Rhonda came home and fed me! I was so excited to see them and to finally get to play with Roux! After my dinner, I went to find Roux in the kitchen and she bit me!

I was so scared! I thought Roux was my best friend! Why would she bite me? I screamed and cried for Ceci, but she wasn't there! I tried to hide but Captain was yelling at Roux and dragging her into her house and that was scary, too. Aunt Rhonda wanted to help but I wanted Ceci so I kept screaming. Grandma finally picked me up and checked my little body for "ouchies". I didn't have any but I was still scared.

Ceci finally came back, but Gaki & Papa weren't with her. She wasn't happy. I sat in her lap and licked her while we watched the Superbowl. I learned a bunch of new words! Captain went and got Gaki and Papa. Papa's got the best tasting shoes I've ever licked. Gaki's shoes have something she calls "bling" on them. It's fun to bite, but she doesn't like for me to do that.

I also got my very first bath this week. I'm not sure how I feel about all that yet.

Ceci woke me up last night because I had an accident in my sleep. I didn't even know I did! We spent a loooong time on google and she thinks I'm ok, but I might get to go see someone named Vet if it happens again or if I stop playing.

I'm getting bigger! Everyone says so. Ceci says my teeth are growing bigger and sharper everyday. That must be why they hurt all the time. If I chew on something they feel better. I have lots of toys to chew on, but pretty much anything makes a good chew toy. Any part of Ceci, the table, the couch, pillows, blankets, leaves, sticks. Anything!

I thought because I was bigger I could do things I couldn't do before, but not yet. I just get so mad that I can't jump on the couch by myself. Ceci will help me up if I stand with my front paws on it. But I want to do it myself! Sometimes I try to run and jump, but I just fall down. Ceci says she's not laughing at me, but I think she is.

Ceci fell down today and I didn't laugh at her. She was kinda wet, so I tried to help by licking her dry like I do to her legs when she gets out of the shower. But she didn't just take a shower. And I don't think I helped because she just went to sleep instead. So, I just lay down with her in the hall until she woke up again. But then she just fed me lunch and went back to bed. I think she was sick because she made the same soft noises I make when I'm not happy. She also said some of the words I learned when we watched the Superbowl.

She's awake now and looks better, we even played for a little bit! Which is good, because if she didn't I think she would have to go to see Vet, too.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Best Morning Ever!

This has been the very best morning! Ceci was so happy when I woke her up at 8am, she took me outside and I did my business. Even though I woke her up on our bed and she knows I can't get up there by myself, she still double checked all the carpet to make sure I didn't somehow get down and make a "NOOOO!" on the carpet overnight. I didn't! And Ceci was so happy!

Then, while she was making coffee she left the door open so I could run inside and outside and play! She doesn't like to play until after she has her coffee, it smells good but she won't let me have any. There's a lot of things that are good that she won't let me have. Like last night when she took me to go play with my best friend Roux and I found a magic tunnel! It's a long, dark tunnel with the best food I've ever had in the world at the end it! It's so good that Ceci and Grandma don't want me to eat it and Lestat gets really annoyed when I do. I think I ate too much of it, because I got a little sick last night. Good thing Ceci heard me coughing and carried me outside so I didn't make a "NOOOO!" on the carpet.

I also wanted to share a couple of the MANY pictures and videos that Ceci is always taking of me. She even does it when I'm sleeping. She's a weirdo.

This is me on my first day at Ceci's house. She got in a really loud white box and I thought she needed my help, so I came to rescue her. I got all wet!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home Alone!

Ceci left me home alone for my first time the other day, she put all my toys and a blanket in her bathroom and I cried and cried but she still left me! And I'm a really good crier, I'm very loud and very sad. I can tell she doesn't like it when I do it.

I was scared and lonely, but when she came back she had five new toys for me and some puppy sized treats! So, it was ok, I guess. We sat down and had a talk. She says that there are going to be times that she leaves our house and can't take me with her, so I will have to get used to it... She also says the bathroom lockdown is temporary. When it gets warmer I can stay in my backyard or the garage until I learn how to only pee-pee outside. Sometimes I remember to ask her to let me out, but sometimes I forget and make a "NOOOOOO!" on the carpet.

Ceci is silly. She pets me and plays with me, but doesn't want me to lick or nibble on her. That's my favorite thing to do! She also calls me weird things like "Butt" or "Little Butt", "Munchkin", "Pokey Little Puppy". It's all so confusing.

Oh, did you know I have a famous name? Apparently, there's a Hannah Barberra character named Auggie Doggie. She tells me that I'm named after Augustus McCrae, not a cartoon.

Oh, we were in the back yard playing yesterday and the dog next door was talking trash to me through the fence, so I barked back at him. Ceci was so excited to hear me bark for the first time. She says not to worry, my little bark will sound more menacing when I get bigger. Well, that's all for now. We have to get ready to go play with Roux!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hi, Everybody!

Ceci was telling me how awesome her blog is, so I thought I'd get my own.

I guess I should introduce myself:

My name is Augustus, I'm about nine weeks old. I was found with my brother and sisters next to a dumpster when we were very, very young. I was rescued and taken to Zeke's Fund, and bottle fed until I was healthy enough to be offered up for adoption.

I don't remember my parents, but the nice people that rescued me think I'm part Australian Shepard. We'll know
for sure when I get bigger.

On January 24, 2009 a nice lady took me home. Her name is Ceci. She's the best. She promises to never dress me up in silly costumes or to make me call her "Mommy". She says we don't roll like that. Whatever that means.

We live in a big house with nice white carpets (for now) and a huge backyard that I love to play in. My little teeth are hurting me, so I like to chew on anything that will fit in my mouth... and some things that don't. Playing is hard work, so I spend about 90% of my day napping.

Sometimes if I've been good, we get to go play with my best friends Roux and Lestat. Roux has lots of fun toys, sometimes she shares. Roux and Lestat live with my two other favorite people: "Grammy" (she wants me to call her that) and "Captain" (I don't know what to call him yet, but something tells me he doesn't want to be called "Grandpa" or "Gramps"). Ceci tells me I have lots of other friends: Oscar, Ninja, Tucker, Lucy, Molly and Hannah. I can't wait to meet them all!

OK, I've got to go nap again. I hope you like my blog!